Since you came along, my days are ordinary.

Hey, I'm Andrew, and I'm 20. My interests range from tv and film - HIMYM, Chuck, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Whose Line, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Harry Potter, and Marvel, among others - to Gemma Arterton and Sierra Boggess, and from hockey - 'Canes and Avs fan - to random stuff. My ask box is always open if you want to chat or learn more about me.
whoooooooo! dont say that! it’ll be fun! you can do it! you’ll be just fine! <3

But I’m leaving my best friends that I’ve made in high school (except for John - the MMA guy - who’s going to the same place), and this town is all I’ve known over the past 18 and a half years. And I have to share a room with someone….

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